What? (sleepiz4theweak) wrote in fate_stay_night,

Sigil: City of Doors

Young RP looking for new players!

➾➣ ain't so much a welcome berk
They're just a bunch of damn Clueless. What could they possibly do to us?
— Unknown Cager
Now in the Dead Book

"You look lost, sirrah. Walk with me for a moment and I'll teach you the dark of things -- that'd be the secrets, for a clueless traveler such as yourself. Mind you, don't brush against the grime; there's lots of soot-stained walls here. Now, sir prime, look up. Makes you dizzy, don't it, seeing the city of Sigil above you? See, living in an impossible city ain't always simple. You need a guide. That'll be twelve silvers."
➾➣ the city of doors
Sigil, The City of Doors. One can get anywhere and everywhere if you only have the key. Unfortunately these keys are hard to come by. The city's ruler, The Lady of Pain, decreed long ago that no god of any kind may enter into the city. The gods have other plans though, and you're going to help them whether you realize it or not.

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