Saska (saska_hime) wrote in fate_stay_night,

New Fate/Stay Night Roleplay!

If anybody's interested, I've recently opened a Fate/Stay Night roleplay. It's post-canon, but most of the canons [the ones that didn't die, at least, disincluding Servants in the dead-people] from Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night are allowed. We've still got a fair few major canons open, and we'd love to see some good roleplayers for those!

Right now we're currently looking for:
Archer [EMIYA]
Archer [Gilgamesh]
Rider [Medusa]
Sakura Matou

There's a bunch more, but those are characters we'd REALLY like to see on the forum. We'd also like to see some custom Masters and Servants, though Masters more than anything so that our canon Servants whose Masters are deceased may receive a new one.

If anybody's interested, here's our ad and link!

Magus Wars
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